Free BigCommerce SEO Training Course

Good-quality SEO knowledge is without doubt one of the most highly sought after skill sets of anybody that is looking to promote their online store.

Understanding the basics of SEO can save you a ton of cash, whether it be via performing the tasks yourself, or by having the ability to sort through and find an SEO consultant that knows what they’re talking about.

Unfortunately over the years there has been a lot of terrible SEO information dished out by a bunch of self-proclaimed experts, a lot of which I am sad to say has been aimed at leading newcomers up the garden path and into their greedy mits.

Now don’t get me wrong not everything you read about SEO is unreliable, once you start understanding the process you soon realise who knows what they’re talking about and who doesn’t. The misinformation problem will generally only affect you if you are a SEO newbie and still not sure who and what information to trust.

Fortunately if you are reading this and find yourself in the SEO newbie category you might be in luck. Starting mid-January I will be accepting applicants to a beta version BigCommerce SEO Training Course which will be aimed at:

  • helping you better understand the SEO process, and
  • give you confidence to perform the basic SEO tasks on your BigCommerce store yourself.

This course will cover the bare basics of BigCommerce SEO and will be delivered online via an as yet to be released members portal.

As a totally new course it will initially be made available to a limited number of people totally free of charge, all you need to do is get on the waiting list with a valid e-mail address to be notified to sign up when the first few lessons are ready.

If you are at all interested in learning more about how to optimise your BigCommerce store please click here to add your e-mail address to the waiting list.


  1. Sounds exciting. I have signed up and will eagerly await your more than competent instructions.

  2. I signed up to the list, but it is now close to the June. Is this going to get off the ground or have I missed something?

    • Dave Beck says:

      Hi Terry – apologies for the delay in the course getting going. Unfortunately there have been a few things preventing me from finishing it off, including waiting for BigCommerce to release version 7.

      I have also revised the way I plan to release the course material. the original plan was to release it as part of regular blog updates and then auto schedule a series of e-mails, but I have since decided to do it properly and build out a portal using WordPress and the WishList members plug-in.

      Anyhow it shouldn’t be too far away from being ready and I hope you don’t mind waiting a little bit longer.


  3. Hey look forward to that Dave, joined your mailing list, so will get on board with that one, when it happens

  4. Hi Dave,

    Thank you for puting out some useful information. I use Interspire software for our website. Once we log-in to the site, on the top right corner, the tab “View Store” has a broken link. Once I click it, I get an old link which should not be used. My web design team has dissapointed with their lack of communication. I really need to fix it. It has happened twice and I don’t know how the link changes by itself. Unless it is foul play. I will be looking to change passwords on my site. Thank you

  5. Hi Dave, well were on version 7.3 now, any closer to releasing this guide ? any help you can give on this subject would be greatly appreciated I’m sure.

    Happy New Year

    Rgds ..John

  6. I am looking forward to seeing your further articles.

  7. Some good information here, just wish Dave would do an update as he is very knowledgeable.

  8. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the great info in your posts. I’ve used your tips to make my BC site better. Is there an estimate for when your SEO training will be available?



  9. Hey Dave,
    What a great site I’ve been putting your info to work and its starting to pay off thanks for spending the time to educate us!

  10. Hi Dave,

    I signed up for the course, but I never got an update on it. I really really hope that it’s happening soon. It would help me promote my project enourmously.

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