Interspire SEO & Canonical URL Module

The following module has been created to help website owners that are using the Interspire Shopping Cart have a bit more control over how the search engines interact and ultimately index their website. This module should help alleviate potential duplicate content problems but it must be said is not a silver bullet to obtaining high search engine rankings.

The SEO Indexing module for Interspire Shopping Cart allows you to apply the canonical URL link element and robots meta tag within the <head> area of your HTML code. Each of these elements are designed to help search engines determine the most appropriate content to include in their index from your website.

In the options panel for the module, you can determine certain sections and pages of the website to apply the canonical URL link element and robots meta tag.

Please Note: Installation of this module change how search engines interact with your website. Please understand that we take no responsibility for the effects that it will have and you should understand the concepts fully before initiating the installation.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Delete any existing “seoindexing” folder from the “/modules/analytics/” directory
  2. Upload “seoindexing”  folder to the “/modules/analytics/” directory
  3. Activate the module through the Settings -> Analytics Settings tab in Interspire Shopping Cart Administration
  4. Go to the options panel under the ‘SEO Indexing’ menu and turn on each section/page that you would like to apply the elements to.

SEO Module Setup

Download Instructions

Please click here to download SEO Indexing Module 1.3!

Change Log

Version 1.3
Updated categories and brands section to a choice of 3 option
Included no Open Directory meta tag
Included no Yahoo directory meta tag

Read more about the version 1.3 upgrade.

Version 1.2
Updated syntax error
Removed canonical URL element from paginated results

Read more about the version 1.2 upgrade.

Version 1.1
Added “noindex, follow” to Product Tags
Added “noindex, followed to HTTPS

Read more about the version 1.1 upgrade.

Version 1.0
No known bugs

Beta 0.7:
Canonical URL included on Pages
Fixed a number of minor bugs

Beta 0.6 :
Minor bug fixes

Beta 0.5:
Initial release and testing

Module Updates

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